Fact Check-Graphic video shows woman being killed in Syria, not Afghanistan after Taliban takeover

Footage that social media users claim shows a woman being killed in the streets of Afghanistan after Taliban forces took control in August 2021 is miscaptioned. The graphic video was filmed in 2015 in Syria.

The video shows a woman clothed in black and red garments being killed in front of a crowd (graphic warning) (here), (here).

A tweet reads, “This is Sharia it happened in #Afghanistan it will happened again kindly spread the word.” The Instagram posts, originally in Turkish, include the hashtag #afghanistan.

The video surfaced as concerns grow over women’s rights now the Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan. Taliban spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, told the media, “Nobody is going to harm you, nobody is going to knock on your doors” (here), but many remain fearful (here).

The footage shared on social media, however, was not filmed during the current crisis in Afghanistan.

Reports in January 2015 seen (here), (here) , (here) and (here) suggest the video shows the January 2015 execution in Syria of a woman accused of adultery by Al-Nusra, a Syrian group affiliated with al Qaeda.

A Reuters news report (here) also confirms the events.


Miscaptioned. The video shows a woman being killed in Syria in 2015. It does not show the Taliban killing a woman after sweeping to power in Afghanistan this month.

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