Fact Check-Purported Matt Walsh tweet about consent is fabricated

A tweet attributed to conservative commentator Matt Walsh about consent and sexual assault that is circulating on social media is fabricated. The fake post appears to have originated on Reddit and Walsh himself has described it as photoshopped.

Part of the purported tweet, dated April 23, 2017, reads, “’Taking advantage’ of a drunk girl is not rape. Pressuring someone into sex isn't rape. No doesn't always mean no.” Examples can be found on Facebook (here) and Instagram (here).

Reuters found no evidence that Walsh ever tweeted this message, however.

An advanced search of his verified Twitter handle @MattWalshBlog showed not such tweet (here).

Likewise, a Google search ( brought up no media coverage about the alleged tweet, but a fact-check article by Snopes found it to be a fake post (here).

The screenshot appears to have originated in subreddit r/ToiletPaperUSA, dedicated to “relentless mockery and ridicule” of conservative characters, per the channel’s own rules viewable (here). Entries in that same subreddit discussing how the fabricated screenshot was being mistaken for an authentic post are viewable (here) (here)

On Dec. 2, Walsh responded to a now deleted tweet featuring the fake screenshot. “This is called photoshop. You might also call it libel,” reads part of his post (here) (here).


False. Matt Walsh did not tweet this message about consent and sexual assault.

Correction Dec. 6, 2022: Corrects paragraph seven to say the tweet was sent on Dec. 2, not Dec. 1

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