Fact Check- Fabricated Op-Ed in The Washington Post on ‘canceling the midterms’ created as satire

A fabricated headline attributed to The Washington Post opinion section was created as satire, but some users online appear to have been duped.

The screenshot shows an alleged headline that reads “Opinion To save democracy, Biden must cancel the midterms.” It is made to look as if authored by columnist Jennifer Rubin; and carries the date of “July 28, 2022 at 1:07 p.m. EDT.” (here)

While some readers responding to the screenshot question its authenticity, others seem to think its real.

“When the true-blue kool-aid drinking Democrats have no shame pushing absolute Democrat Propaganda … all in the name of their self-importance, it is time to vote them all out, turn off Democrat Media, and stop clicking on their idiotic commentary. This is evil,” one Twitter user commented (here).

“This is what they are proposing, It's the same as destroying a country to save it (sic),” another tweeted (here).

Other examples are viewable on Facebook (here) (here).

The article in question is fake, however, and was originally posted on July 30 by an account that describes itself as a “meme Sherpa” (here) ( It has garnered over 4,000 retweets as of the writing of this article.

In a subsequent tweet, the user clarified the screenshot was satirical. “Yes this is satire. The fact people can’t tell is the problem. Why is

Jennifer Rubin still employed?” they wrote (here).

User @ebeth360 did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Opinion columns authored by Jennifer Rubin are viewable (here). Two pieces were published on July 28, the alleged date of posting indicated in the screenshot (here) (here), neither refer to “cancelling the midterms.”

A search of the purported headline on The Washington Post website brought zero relevant results (here) (


Satire. The Washington Post did not publish an Op-Ed titled “To save democracy, Biden must cancel the midterms.” This screenshot was created as satire.

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