Fact Check-Fabricated German satirical magazine cover featuring caricature of Ukraine’s Zelenskiy

An image is circulating online purporting to show the October cover of the German satirical magazine ‘Titanic’ featuring a caricature of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy with text reading “eternal appetite” is fabricated. No such cover was published by the outlet, the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief confirmed to Reuters.

The image shows the Titanic logo in red on the top left corner and a caricature of Zelensky centered across the purported cover. The cartoon shows Zelenskiy’s mouth wide open with two people, money and weaponry being propelled toward him. Text in German splashed across the cover reads “ewiger appetit,” which translates to “eternal appetite.”

Further small text can be seen at the top right corner, with the cover seemingly published in October 2022.

Examples of the image shared online can be found (here), (here), (here) and (here).

Julia Mateus, Editor-in-Chief of Titanic magazine confirmed to Reuters that the pictured cover was not an official Titanic cover.

A search through the outlet’s website did not reveal any such cover (

An advanced search through the Titanic’s official Twitter account did not reveal the supposed cover (, nor did a search through the website’s Facebook page (here).

Archived versions of the magazine’s online homepage similarly did not reveal the aforementioned cover (here), (here).

Instead, the authentic October 2022 cover featured Britain’s King Charles, with text: “Colonial crimes: How Germany suffered under the British Crown” (here). The outlet posted the official cover of the October edition via Twitter on Sept. 30 (here).

The image is an example of imposter content, which is a falsified image or clip that mimics a legitimate organization such as a media outlet to push forward a narrative or claim (here).

Reuters has previously addressed imposter content that duped users online (here), (here) and (here).


False. The October 2022 edition of Titanic, a German satirical magazine, featured King Charles and a headline saying how Germany “suffered under the British Crown.” An image purporting to show a cover featuring Zelenskiy with text reading “eternal appetite” is fabricated.

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