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Filmmakers fashion rival Coco Chanel films

PARIS (Hollywood Reporter) - Coco Chanel is back in style in France, with two French films based on the life of the fashion queen in the works.

Marina Hands, who recently picked up a Cesar Award, France’s equivalent of an Oscar, for her leading role in “Lady Chatterley,” will star in “Exorcist” director William Friedkin’s “Coco & Igor,” based on the 2002 book by Chris Greenhalgh.

The book focuses on the love affair between Chanel and avant-garde Russian composer Igor Stravinski. Friedkin, who originally looked to fund it from the U.S., headed to France where producer Claudie Ossard (“Amelie,” “Paris, Je t’aime”) embraced the project.

Filming is set to begin in September for a spring 2008 release in French theaters.

Meanwhile, Daniele Thompson, director of recent foreign-language Oscar submission “Avenue Montaigne,” is planning another project dedicated to the life of the 20th century fashion icon. The film will be co-written by Thompson’s son, Christophe. No shooting date has been set.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter