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Spike Lee's "Inside Man" sequel moving forward

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Spike Lee is working on a sequel to his 2006 crime thriller “Inside Man,” which earned more than $175 million at the worldwide box office.

The Universal Pictures project, tentatively dubbed “Inside Man 2,” will pick up on the characters and dynamic but not the storyline of the original. Terry George, the writer-director of “Hotel Rwanda,” is in negotiations to write the screenplay.

The first “Inside Man,” which was written by Russell Gewirtz, centered on a standoff between a bank robber (Clive Owens) and a hostage negotiator (Denzel Washington) at a New York bank.

Washington and Owen are interested in re-teaming for the project, Lee said, speaking from the Toronto International Film Festival, where he was in town to promote the Babelgum Online Film Festival as well as his upcoming WWII picture “Miracle at St. Anna.”

He expected the sequel would continue the relationship between the two main characters but in a new high-tension situation. “I want the script to be even better than Russell’s, and Russell wrote a really good script,” he said.

The news cements long-floating rumors that Universal was looking to reprise the alchemy of the indie fave Lee with the studio budget and marketing apparatus of Universal.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter