Warner Bros. on trail of evil superhero

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - With one of its comic-book stars lighting up the box office, Warner Bros. is trying to develop another superhero franchise with “Capeshooters.”

The project follows two down-on-their-luck slackers who specialize in shooting videos of superheroes. They find themselves on the run when they uncover evidence that a legendary superhero actually is evil.

The story is based on an upcoming graphic novel by Rob Liefeld, who was one of the founders of Image Comics and at one point one of the hottest artists in the comics arena. “Superman” director Bryan Singer is in negotiations to produce.

The script will be written by J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, who work with Ryan Seacrest both on his Los Angeles morning radio show and on “American Idol.”

Warner Bros. is currently No. 1 at the box office with the latest Batman movie “The Dark Knight.”

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter