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Reclusive Wachowskis hide at Speed Racer premiere

South Korean pop star Rain attends an event to promote his Hollywood debut "Speed Racer", directed by Wachowski brothers, as he stands against the backdrop featuring U.S. actor Emile Hirsch in Hong Kong April 23, 2008. REUTERS/Bobby Yip

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Reclusive Hollywood filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski showed up for the premiere of their new movie “Speed Racer,” not that most people got to see the brothers.

They did not do the red-carpet press line at the Nokia Theatre on Saturday, and were well-camouflaged during the after-party. Photographers were sworn to secrecy as to their whereabouts, and Warner Bros. assigned handlers the mission of keeping journalists off the scent.

The studio will release the family film on May 9.

“Speed” star Emile Hirsch described the pair as having quirky and dry senses of humor: “Almost like the Coen brothers, but from another planet,” he said.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter