EDF finds 28 faulty components at Penly 2 reactor - regulator

PARIS, Dec 24 (Reuters) - France’s EDF has found 28 faulty electrical components at its 1,300 megawatt Penly 2 nuclear reactor, the country’s nuclear regulator said on Tuesday, rating the incident a 2 on the INES nuclear scale that goes up to a maximum of 7.

The ASN regulator said the faulty electrical components meant the reactor’s backup systems were unavailable.

“This unavailability of several important safety materials had no consequences on people and the environment,” the watchdog said, adding EDF was in the process of replacing the defective components.

It said EDF was checking other reactors that could be affected by the faulty parts and would replace any found.

The Penly 2 reactor has been offline since July 27 for maintenance and refuelling. It is expected to resume power generation on Dec. 29. (Reporting by Bate Felix; Editing by Mark Potter)