Cameron says never a "closet Brexiteer", Britain needs EU for economy

ISE-SHIMA, Japan, May 27 (Reuters) - British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Friday he was not a “closet Brexiteer” and that leaving the European Union would hurt Britain’s economic future and complicate trade deals with countries such as Japan.

Speaking at a meeting of the G7 industrial powers, Cameron rejected a description by a former aide this week that he secretly supported a vote to leave the EU at a referendum on June 23.

“So I have never been a closet Brexiteer,” he told a news conference in Japan.

“I am absolutely passionate about getting the right result, getting this reform in Europe and remaining part of it. It’s in Britain’s interests and that’s what it is all about.” (Reporting by Kylie MacLellan, Writing by Elizabeth Piper; Editing by Louise Ireland)