TABLE-German utilities' plans for new capacity

    FRANKFURT, April 24 (Reuters) - The table below details the building plans of Germany's
power plant operators based on information gathered by industry association BDEW and presented
at the annual Hanover industrial fair on Monday.
    BDEW, which mainly represents power-generating utilities, said 55 units representing around
25,332 megawatts (MW) of capacity could be built in theory.
    But at the moment, BDEW members have cast doubts on plans for many units due to the largely
unprofitable market for conventional plants fired with gas or those using water for pumped
storage hydro electricity, BDEW said in related statements.                        
    For simplicity, this table shows only projects above 200 MW. A handful of smaller offshore
wind and two small gas-to-power plants at Kiel and Mainz are not listed, although they count
towards the total number.

Trianel/EWE             Borkum West           offshore wind     200             2020**
Uniper                  Datteln 4             hard coal       1,052             no date*
Vattenfall              Lichterfelde A Berlin gas               300             2018*
Iberdrola               Wikinger              offshore wind     350             2017*
OMV Power Intnl         Burghausen            gas               850             no date**
EnBW                    Karlsruhe RDK 6S      gas               465             no date**
WPD                     Kaikas                offshore wind     max. 664        no date**
Vattenfall              Klingenberg/Berlin    gas               230             no date**
Vattenfall              Marzahn/Berlin        gas               260             2020*
E.ON Clim & Ren         Arkona                offshore wind     385             2019**
E.ON Clim / Ren         Delta Nordsee 1       offshore wind     288             no date**
WV Energie et al        Arcadis Ost 1         offshore wind     348             no date**
Dong Energy             OWP West              offshore wind     240             2024**
Northland Power Inc./
    RWE Innogy          Nordsee One           offshore wind     332             2017*
Northland Power Inc.
    RWE Innogy          Nordsee Two           offshore wind     ca. 300         no date**
Northland Power Inc./
    RWE Innogy          Nordsee Three         offshore wind     ca. 360         no date**
Partners Group et al    Merkur Offshore       offshore wind     396             2019**
Dong Energy             Borkum Riffgrund West1offshore wind     ca. 270         no date**
Dong Energy             Borkum Riffgrund 2    offshore wind     450             2019**
Dong Energy             Borkum Riffgrund West2offshore wind     240             2024*** 
WindMW/Blackstone       Noerdlicher Grund     offshore wind     320             no date**
Dong Energy             Gode Wind 04          offshore wind     ca. 300         no date**
Northland Power Inc.    Deutsche Bucht        offshore wind     252             2019**
EnBW                    He dreiht             offshore wind     ca. 900         no date**
EnBW                    Hohe See              offshore wind     497             2019*
STEAG                   Leverkusen            gas               570             no date***
    Jochenstein         Jochenstein/Riedl     pumped storage    300             2019***
Mainz utility           Heimbach              pumped storage    300             no date***
Trianel                 Krefeld/Uerdingen     gas               max. 1,200      no date***
Trier utility           Schweich/PSKW-Rio     pumped storage    ca.             2021***
Trianel                 Nethe/Hoexter         pumped storage    390             2022***
RWE                     BoAplus NiederaussemL brown coal      1,100            2022 earliest***
Dow Chemicals           Stade                 hard coal/biomass/
                                              hydrogen        1,000             no date***
RWE Power               Gersteinwerk 
                        Werne-Stockum         gas               max. 1,300      no date***
EDF Deutschland         Premnitz              gas               400             no date***
Schluchseewerke         Atdorf                pumped storage  1,400             no date***


Ulm utility             Leipheim airport      gas               max. 600        no date
Trianel                 Karlsruhe/Oberrhein   gas               max. 1,200      no date
Trianel                 Gotha/Schmalwasser    pumped st         ca. 1,000       no date
Energieallianz Bayern   Jochberg/Walchensee   pumped storage    700             no date
EnBW                    Forbach (extension)   pumped st         270             no date
PQ Energy               Griesheim             gas               ca. 500         no date
PQ Energy               Gundelfingen          gas               max. 1,280      no date
RWE Power/KGG           Gundremmingen         gas               no entry        no date 


*   under construction
**  approval obtained
*** approval being sought

 (Reporting by Vera Eckert; Editing by Maria Sheahan)