FACTBOX-Oil refineries curb output as coronavirus cuts fuel use

    May 15 (Reuters) - Oil refineries have curbed output since
February as travel restrictions destroy fuel demand.
    Most refiners are operating, but many have reduced the
number of barrels of oil they process as gasoline and diesel use
    Fuel demand has dropped by about 30% worldwide as the
coronavirus chokes economic activity and forces billions of
people to stay home to curb its spread, creating a global supply
    Below is a list of refineries that have reduced output
specifically in response to lower demand (excluding scheduled
 Total SA            Port Arthur, Texas,   225,500     May 14    Production cut to                 
                     U.S.                                        70% of capacity       
 Royal Dutch Shell   Norco, Louisiana,     225,300     May 12    Operating at 80%                  
 Plc                 U.S.                                        capacity              
 Royal Dutch Shell   Deer Park, Texas,     275,000     May 11    Running at 87% of                 
 Plc                 U.S.                                        capacity              
 HollyFrontier       United States         457,000     May 7     Cuts production at                
                                                                 refineries by 30%     
 CVR Energy Inc                                        May 7     Operating refineries              
                                                                 at near minimum       
 BP Plc              Whiting, Indiana,     430,000     May 7     Operating at about                
                     U.S.                                        70% capacity          
 Total SA            Port Arthur, Texas,   225,500     May 5     Production cut by                 
                     U.S.                                        36%                   
 Marathon Petroleum                                    May 5     Operating refineries              
 Corp                                                            at minimum rates      
 Pilipinas Shell     Tabangao,             110,000     May 5     To shut down                      
 Petroleum Corp      Philippines                                 refinery for one      
                                                                 month from mid-May    
 LyondellBasell      Houston, Texas, U.S.  263,776     May 1     Operating between                 
                                                                 85% and 90% of its    
 Tupras              Izmir, Turkey         220,000     April 30  To halt output from               
                                                                 May 5 until July 1    
 MOL Group           Hungary, Slovakia                 April 30  Three refineries                  
                     and Croatia                                 running at just over  
                                                                 70% capacity          
 PT Pertamina        Plaju, South                      April 30  Refinery partially                
                     Sumatra, Indonesia                          shut                  
 Raizen              Dock Sud, Argentina   93,000      April 29  Temporarily stopped               
                                                                 production on April   
 Refinor SA          Campo Duran,          25,000      April 29  Suspended operations              
 Valero Energy Corp  St. Charles refinery  215,000     April 29  Idled 92,000 bpd FCC              
                     in Norco, Louisiana                                               
 Husky Energy Inc                                      April 29  All refineries are                
                                                                 running at minimum    
 Viva Energy Group   Geelong refinery in   120,000     April 27  To shut residual                  
                     Victoria, Australia                         catalytic cracker     
                                                                 and other associated  
                                                                 processing units      
 Royal Dutch Shell   Convent, Louisiana,   211,270     April 22  Shuts small crude                 
 Plc                 U.S.                                        unit                  
 Galp Energia        Sines, Portugal                   April 21  To halt refinery for              
                                                                 a month from May 4    
 PT Pertamina        Balikpapan,                       April 21  Expects total                     
                     Indonesia                                   shutdown of refinery  
                                                                 in early May          
 Husky Energy Inc                                      April 20  Reducing production               
                                                                 and refinery          
                                                                 throughput; U.S.      
                                                                 refinery throughput   
                                                                 reduced by around     
                                                                 95,000 bpd            
 Marathon Petroleum  Martinez,             166,000     April 17  Will idle refinery                
 Corp                California, U.S.                            beginning April 27    
 Eni and Kuwait      Milazzo, Italy        200,000     April 17  Operating at 60%                  
 Petroleum Italy                                                 capacity              
 Federated           Co-op, Saskatchewan,  130,000     April 16  Cut production to                 
 Cooperatives Ltd    Canada                                      90,000 bpd            
 Phillips 66         Ponca City,           207,000     April 15  Shut gasoline unit                
                     Oklahoma, U.S.                              in early April        
 Royal Dutch Shell   Convent and Norco,    436,570     April 10  Reducing production               
                     Louisiana, U.S.                             at Convent and Norco  
 Valero Energy Corp  Port Arthur, Texas,   335,000     April 9   FCC operating at                  
                     U.S.                                        minimum capacity      
 BP Plc              United States                     April 9   Three U.S.                        
                                                                 refineries operating  
                                                                 between 80 and 85%    
                                                                 of capacity           
 Marathon Petroleum  Gallup, New Mexico,   26,000      April 8   To temporarily idle               
 Corp                U.S.                                        refinery beginning    
                                                                 on April 15           
 Exxon Mobil Corp    Baton Rouge,          502,500     April 8   Running at                        
                     Louisiana, U.S.                             two-thirds of         
 PBF Energy          Chalmette,            190,000     April 8   Cut FCC production                
                     Louisiana, U.S.                             by 45%                
 Nigerian National   Nigeria                           April 8   Nigeria to shut down              
 Petroleum                                                       all its oil           
 Corporation (NNPC)                                              refineries            
 HollyFrontier Corp                                    April 8   Refining segment                  
                                                                 currently running at  
                                                                 about 70% of          
 MOL Group           Hungary, Slovakia                 April 8   All its refineries,               
                     and Croatia                                 three steam crackers  
                                                                 are running, but at   
                                                                 reduced rates         
 Marathon Petroleum  Galveston Bay         585,000     April 7   Production down 25%               
 Corp                refinery in Texas,                                                
 Petronor            Bilbao, Spain         220,000     April 7   Shuts down two units              
 Bharat Petroleum    India                             April 7   Refining rate 60%,                
 Corp                                                            from about 90% two    
                                                                 weeks ago             
 Indian Oil Corp     India                             April 7   Crude refining at 11              
                                                                 plants about 50%,     
                                                                 from 70%-75%          
 Caltex Australia    Lytton, Queensland,               April 6   Brings forward                    
 Ltd                 Australia                                   planned shutdown of   
                                                                 refinery to May from  
 Chevron             El Segundo,           269,000     April 6   Large CDU shut,                   
                     California, U.S.                            small CDU cut back    
 PBF Energy Inc      Toledo, Ohio, U.S.    170,000     April 6   Delaying restart of               
                                                                 several units         
                                                                 including a cat       
                                                                 cracker and a crude   
 BP Plc              United States                     April 3   Cuts production at                
                                                                 three U.S.            
                                                                 refineries by about   
 Binh Son Refining   Dung Quat, Vietnam    130,000     April 3   Cuts output                       
 and Petrochemical                                                                     
 Eni                 Italy                             April 2   Production at                     
                                                                 Italian refineries    
                                                                 has slowed, most at   
                                                                 60% capacity          
 Royal Dutch Shell   Anacortes,            150,000     April 1   Operating at about                
                     Washington, U.S.                            60% capacity          
 Petrobras           Brazil                            April 1   Said would reduce                 
                                                                 production but did    
                                                                 not specify by how    
                                                                 much CPC Corp            Talin, Taiwan                     April 1   Shut 25,000 bpd                   
                                                                 gasoline-making unit  
                                                                 in March              
 Formosa             Mailiao, Taiwan       540,000     April 1   Plans to be                       
 Petrochemical Corp                                              processing 480,000    
                                                                 bpd after             
 Royal Dutch Shell                                     March 31  Cuts refining output              
                                                                 by 13%                
 Imperial Oil Ltd    Syncrude oil sands                March 31  Will delay                        
                     facility, Canada                            maintenance work      
 Attock Refinery     Rawalpindi, Pakistan  54,000      March 31  Operating at 29%                  
                                                                 capacity; prepared    
                                                                 to shut the complex   
                                                                 in a week's time      
 Sasol Ltd           South Africa                      March 31  Will cut throughput               
                                                                 at some plants        
 Rosneft             Schwedt, Germany      240,000     March 30  Cut runs by some                  
                                                                 70,000 bpd, nearly    
                                                                 third of its          
 Total               Leuna, Germany        241,000     March 30  Cut production by                 
                                                                 some 25%              
 MOL Group           Slovnaft, Slovakia    124,000     March 30  Cut runs in the last              
                                                                 two weeks by 20-30%   
                                                                 from normal           
 PKN Orlen           Plock, Poland         330,000     March 30  Decreased runs by                 
 Valero Energy Corp  McKee in Sunray,      195,000     March 30  Cuts production by                
                     Texas, U.S.                                 more than 30%         
 North Atlantic      Come-by-Chance,       130,000     March 30  To close down                     
 Refining Ltd        Newfoundland and                            refinery              
                     Labrador, Canada                                                  
 PBF Energy                                            March 30  To reduce production              
                                                                 to minimum levels     
 Tupras              Izmir, Turkey                     March 30  Cuts runs by 50%                  
 Tupras              Izmit, Turkey                     March 30  Cuts runs by 20%                  
 Tupras              Kirikkale, Turkey                 March 30  Cuts runs by 50%                  
 Exxon Mobil Corp    Baton Rouge, La.,     502,500     March 30  Shutting small CDU;               
                     U.S.                                        refinery production   
                                                                 will be down 82,500   
 Byco Petroleum      Karachi, Pakistan     155,000     March 28  Halted crude                      
 Pakistan Ltd                                                    processing            
 Valero Energy Corp  Port Arthur, Texas,   335,000     March 27  Weighs idling FCC;                
                     U.S.                                        plans to cut          
                                                                 production by 25%     
                                                                 from current levels   
 Reliance            Jamnagar, India       1.4         March 27  To cut refining                   
 Industries Ltd                            million               throughput in April   
 API                 Ancona, Italy         85,000      March 27  Will suspend                      
 Indian Oil Corp     India                 5 million   March 27  Cuts crude                        
                                                                 processing by         
                                                                 30%-40%, shuts        
                                                                 Panipat cracker       
 Mangalore Refinery  India                 300,000     March 27  Shuts a third of its              
 and Petrochemicals                                              refinery, full        
 Ltd                                                             closure likely next   
 Engen               Durban, South Africa  135,000     March 26  To undergo temporary              
                                                                 controlled shutdown   
 Exxon Mobil         Baytown, Texas, USA   565,000     March 26  Shutting down 90,000              
                                                                 bpd FCC               
 Valero Energy Corp  Memphis, Tennessee,   180,000     March 26  May cut production                
                     U.S.                                        by 50% of capacity    
 Petrobras           Brazil                            March 26  Cuts oil production               
                                                                 by 100,000 bpd        
 Par Pacific         Hawaii, U.S.                      March 25  Decreased throughput              
 Holdings Inc                                                    rates                 
 Ineos               Grangemouth, UK       200,000     March 25  Shut 65,000 crude                 
 Thai refiners       All of Thailand       1.229       March 25  Reducing their run                
                                           million               rates by 10% to 20%   
 Bharat Petroleum    Mumbai, India         240,000     March 25  Plans to shut the                 
 Corp                                                            continuous catalytic  
                                                                 cracker and some      
                                                                 other units           
 Bharat Petroleum    Kochi, India          310,000     March 25  Plans to shut vacuum              
 Corp                                                            gasoil                
                                                                 de-sulphuriser and    
                                                                 some other units      
 Phillips 66         Across U.S./Europe    2.2 mln     March 24  Operating in 80%                  
 Sinopec Corp        Tahe, Xinjiang,       100,000     March 23  Shuts 30,000 bpd                  
                     China                                       crude unit            
 Monroe Energy       Trainer,              190,000     March 23  Cuts by 40,000 bpd                
                     Pennsylvania, U.S.                                                
 CPC Corp            Talin and Taoyuan,    650,000     March 23  To cut April                      
                     Taiwan                                      refining runs         
 Limetree Bay        St. Croix, U.S.                   March 23  Upends refinery                   
 Refining            Virgin Islands                              restart plan          
 Exxon Mobil Corp    Baton Rouge,          502,500     March 21  Cut refinery                      
                     Louisiana, U.S.                             production by 62,500  
 Chevron             El Segundo,           269,000     March 20  Cuts refinery                     
                     California, U.S.                            production            
 Saudi Aramco        Saudi Arabia                      March 19  To cut refinery runs              
                                                                 in April, May         
 Total               Grandpuits, Paris,    102,000     March 19  Delayed restart                   
 Marathon Petroleum  Los Angeles,          363,000     March 18  Cut production                    
 Corp                California, U.S.                                                  
 Phillips 66         Los Angeles,          139,000     March 18  Cut production by at              
                     California, U.S.                            least 20%             
 BP                  Gelsenkirchen,                    March 18  Shut 70,000 bpd                   
                     Germany                                     crude unit            
 Ineos               Grangemouth, UK       200,000     March 17  Shut 35,000 crude                 
 Citgo Petroleum     East Plant Corpus     157,500     March 17  Shut alkylation                   
 Corp                Christi, Texas, U.S.                        unit; cut back        
                                                                 production on the     
                                                                 69,000 bpd FCC        
 Eni                 Sannazzaro, Italy                 March 17  Partially cut                     
                                                                 production due to     
                                                                 planned maintenance   
 Eni                 Taranto, Italy                    March 17  Partially cut                     
                                                                 production due to     
                                                                 planned maintenance   
 Sinopec Corp        Zhenhai, China        460,000     March 4   Plans crude units'                
                                                                 overhaul in March,    
 ChemChina           Zhenghe refinery in   100,000     Feb. 13   Switched off the 5                
                     Shandong province                           million tonnes per    
                                                                 year crude oil unit   
 ChemChina           Changyi and Huaxing   300,000     Feb. 13   Reduced operating                 
                     plants in Shandong                          rates to 60%          
 Hengli              Dalian, China         400,000     Feb. 11   Cuts refinery                     
 Petrochemical                                                   operations to 90%     
 PetroChina          China                 3.32        Feb. 10   To reduce its                     
                                           million               planned crude         
                                                                 throughput by         
                                                                 320,000 bpd in Feb;   
                                                                 March reduction seen  
                                                                 at 377,000 bpd        
 China National      Huizhou, Guangdong    240,000     Feb. 5    Lowering crude oil                
 Offshore Oil        province                                    throughput to         
 Corporation                                                     220,000 bpd in        
 (CNOOC)                                                         February              
 Sinopec Corp        China                 5 million   Feb. 3    Cutting throughput                
                                                                 by around 12%         
 (Reporting by Swati Verma in Bengaluru; Editing by Edmund