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Goldman junior banker collapses in Frankfurt while working late - sources

FRANKFURT, Dec 2 (Reuters) - A junior banker at Goldman Sachs’ Frankfurt office collapsed while working into the early hours, prompting management to ask staff to look after their health more seriously, people who attended the meeting said.

The banker had come to the office despite feeling unwell to work on a deal and broke down at around 2.30 am local time, the people said.

Goldman Sachs confirmed that a doctor was summoned because a junior staff member felt unwell.

“The health of our employees is a priority for us,” a spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs said, adding staff were being trained regularly to act responsibly, including with their own health.

She declined to give details on the incident involving the junior banker.

In a profession known for its gruelling schedules, banks around the world are trying to lighten workloads to lower stress levels, especially among junior bankers.

In 2013, a Bank of America Merrill Lynch intern died after allegedly working 72 hours without sleep. An inquest later ruled that he had died of natural causes, and BAML launched an internal review into working conditions for junior employees.

At UBS, investment bankers can now take at least two hours of “personal time” a week in the latest attempt by a bank to retain staff with a better work-life balance. (Reporting by Alexander Hübner; Writing by Arno Schuetze; editing by Susan Thomas)