EU backs Nokia-led mobile TV standard

BRUSSELS, July 18 (Reuters) - The European Commission backed a Nokia-led NOK1V.HE mobile television broadcasting standard on Wednesday in a move that could spur growth in the fledgling but potentially lucrative sector.

The lack of a single technology has held back wider take-up for television on cellphones and the EU’s support for digital video broadcast handheld (DVB-H) could be the decisive factor in the battle of formats.

The Commission said on its website that DVB-H “appears to be the strongest contender for future mobile TV deployment in Europe” and is already the most popular standard in Europe.

“The Commission therefore considers that DVB-H will form the basis for successful introduction and take-up of terrestrial mobile TV services in the EU,” it said.

“It will continue to monitor the situation in the EU and may come forward with proposals in 2008 including, if appropriate, making this open standard mandatory.”