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UPDATE 1- Obama to lay out specifics on healthcare-Biden

WASHINGTON, Sept 3 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will lay out specifics of his proposed healthcare overhaul when he addresses Congress on Wednesday, Vice President Joe Biden said, as the administration sought to regain control of the debate.

“Stay tuned for Wednesday,” Biden said in a Thursday speech to a Washington think tank a day after it was announced that Obama would make a rare speech to the joint houses of Congress as he seeks to boost flagging support for healthcare reform.

“It’s going to be a major speech laying out in understandable, clear terms what our administration wants to happen with regard to health care and what we’re going to push for, specifically,” Biden said at the Brookings Institution.

Obama has staked significant political capital on a broad plan to revamp the $2.5 trillion healthcare industry. His falling poll numbers and rising opposition to his reform efforts have prodded him to craft a new strategy.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers return next week from a monthlong recess punctuated by widely publicized town hall meetings that saw bitter shouting matches over healthcare.

Obama has broad goals of reducing healthcare costs and bringing medical insurance to the some 46 million Americans who do not have it. But opposition has focused on the “public option” -- a proposed government-run health insurance plan that Obama supports as an alternative option to private insurance.

The White House, stung by coordinated resistance by Republicans and tepid support from some Democrats -- some of whom wanted the White House to be more involved in the legislative battle -- signaled a sharper tone as a push toward passage of a bill intensifies.

Despite the increasingly tough fight, Biden said, “I think the prospects of success are high. I think they are very high.” (Writing by Matt Spetalnick, editing by Jackie Frank)