FACTBOX-Airlines get bailouts amid coronavirus shutdown

 (Updates with SAS, Air France, Adds Switzerland, Condor, Lufthansa)
    May 5 (Reuters) - Governments have so far offered more than $100 billion in financial aid to airlines as the industry struggles
under severe pressure from coronavirus crisis, fleet groundings and revenue loss. 
    Here is some of the support offered (in chronological order):
 3/16/2020     Russia     part of 300 bln rouble     tax break             Aeroflot                                         Combined
                           fund for Russia ($4                                  /Russian                                   passenger
                                   bln)                                    airlines                                         traffic numbers of Russia’s 30 biggest airports decreased by 75% year-on-ye ar, the Internatio nal Airport Associatio n said
             Sweden/Denm     SEK 3.3 billion          credit             SAS                                Grounded most    In Feb
 3/17/2020       ark        ($334.45 million)        guarantee                                              of its fleet    2.63 mln and       passengers temporarily    flew via laid off 90%    Sweden’s of staff         10 airports, down 6 % yoy 
 3/18/2020      Italy      500 mln euros ($545       takeover        Alitalia                                               Italian
                                   mln)                                                                                     airports had 43.6 mln passenger traveling trough in Q4 2019
 3/19/2020     Norway     NOK 3 bln ($270 mln)        credit        Norwegian Air                           Canceled 85%   Number of
                                                     guarantee                                                 of its      passengers flights and   traveling temporarily      via laid off     Norwegian 7,300       airports employees.     fell 93% yoy in the week to March 29 totalling 70,000 
 3/19/2020     Norway     NOK 1.5 bln ($146 mln)      credit             SAS                                Grounded most       
                                                     guarantee                                              of its fleet and temporarily laid off 90% of staff     
 3/19/2020   New Zealand  NZ$900 mln ($514 mln)        loan        Air New Zealand                          Cut long-haul     New capacity by    Zealand 85% in the       main coming months   airport and the      Auckland domestic      reported network by     1.9 mln 30% in April   passengers and May     in January
 3/20/2020     Finland      600 mln euros($645    loan guarantee      Finnair                               Cancels most    In 2019,
                                   mln)                                                                      of flights    26 million until the end  passengers of June      flew via Finnish airports
 3/20/2020     Iceland      up to ISK 700 mln       direct pay      Icelandair                                                 In
                                ($717,000)                                                                                 February, 2020, 437,000 passengers have flown through Icelandic airports
 3/26/2020     United            $58 bln            grants and        Delta Air                               Delta cut        In
               States                                  loans          Alaska Air                              domestic      January,
                                                                    United Airlines                          capacity by    70.5 mln
                                                                   American Airlines                         10% to 15%    passengers
                                                                       Southwest                                 and        traveled international   on U.S. by 20% to 25%   airlines United slashed its international schedule by 95% for April. American Airlines to cut 75% of its international flights through May 6 and ground nearly all its wide body fleet.      
 3/27/2020    Singapore     S$19 bln ($13 bln)      bridge loan       Singapore Airlines                    Cut capacity     Changi by 96%       Airport passenger traffic fell 32.8% in February, totaling 3.45 mln
 3/31/2020       EU                N/A              tax relief     Air France-KLM                            Parked its biggest airliners and slashed services by up to 90%     
  4/6/2020     United        GBP 600 million        commercial          EasyJet                             Grounded its   According
               Kingdom      ($740.82 million)          paper                                                fleet of 344       to planes and     NATS,the laid off its   trafic on 4,000       April 2 UK-based      was down cabin crew    89% yoy to for two        832 months      flights a day in the UK. 
 4/24/2020     France      EUR 7 billion ($7.61      loans and     Air France-KLM                            Parked its         
                                 billion)           guarantees                                                 biggest airliners and slashed services by up to 90%     
  4/27/2020    Germany       EUR 550 million           loans                Condor                          Condor planes       
              (state of     ($595.98 million)                                                                 unable to    
               Hesse)                                                                                       fly, grounded its fleet    
  4/29/2020  Switzerland  Nearly CHF 1.9 billion   State backed             Swiss                                            Zurich
                              ($1.96 billion)          loans               Edelweiss                                        airport operator Flughafen Zuerich saw flight and passenger movements fall more than 95% in the first two weeks of April
  5/3/2020     Germany     negotiating a EUR 10      loans and        Deutsche Lufthansa                    Cut long-haul  In January
                             billion ($10.84      possible stake                                             capacity by      and
                            billion) bailout                                                                    up to      February, 90%,grounded   a total of 700 planes,   30,475,523 and said it   passengers would only    have flown operate 20%    through of planned      German intra-Europe    airports flights     
($1 = 0.8099 pounds)

($1 = 9.8670 Swedish crowns)

($1 = 0.9707 Swiss francs)

($1 = 0.9197 euros)

 (Compiled by Tommy Lund and Jagoda Darlak in Gdansk
Editing by Tomasz Janowski)