Cambodia says 91 garment factories suspend work due to coronavirus, 61,500 workers affected

PHNOM PENH, April 1 (Reuters) - At least 91 garment factories in Cambodia have suspended work due to coronavirus, with 61,500 workers affected, a spokesman for the labour ministry said on Wednesday.

The shuttered factories are almost one in six in Cambodia’s $7 billion garment and footwear industry, which supplies such global brands as H&M, Adidas, PUMA and Levi Strauss and is the country’s largest employer, with about 850,000 workers.

“There are 91 factories under suspension as of the end of today,” Ministry of Labour spokesman Heng Sour told Reuters, saying the government would provide salary replacement of about $38 per month for “about 61,500 workers”. (Reporting by Prak Chan Thul. Writing by Kay Johnson)