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G7 leaders express "strong" will to cooperate to tackle virus - EU's Michel

BRUSSELS, March 16 (Reuters) - G7 leaders have expressed a strong desire to work together to tackle what is likely to be a long and difficult health crisis, European Council President Charles Michel said on Monday.

“It was the occasion to express a strong political will to address this crisis together, to coordinate, to cooperate in different fields. For us the priority is the health of our citizens,” Michel told a news conference after a G7 call.

Michel, who chairs summits of EU leaders, said the EU was working hard to support researchers in their hunt for a vaccine.

“It was also the occasion during this G7 call conference to decide to work more together to be able to as soon as possible to make concrete progress, which is also very important,” Michel said after the call with Group of Seven leaders, led by the United States. (Reporting by Philip Blenkinsop and Kate Abnett)