Power consumption in northern Italy drops by a quarter year-on-year - A2A

MILANO, March 19 (Reuters) - Power consumption in the northern regions of Italy was down 25% year-on-year in the last weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown measures imposed by the government, Milan-based utility A2A Chief Executive said on Thursday.

Consumption was down 15% in the rest of the country, he added.

Italy, which registered 3,405 deaths since the outbreak surfaced on Feb. 21, went into virtual lockdown before other countries in Europe but, with cases still rising, the government is considering even tougher measures.

“The North is the area which is suffering the most, but at the same time we register a drop in carbon dioxide emissions because there’s less industrial activity,” CEO Valerio Camerano said in a conference call after the update of the group’s 2020-2024 industrial plan.

Reporting by Giancarlo Navach, editing by Giulia Segreti