Parliament supports Dutch governments tough anti 'corona bonds' stance

THE HAGUE, April 8 (Reuters) - Dutch parliament on Wednesday passed a motion urging the government never to agree to any European Union proposal that would make the Netherlands responsible for the national debt of another country, in a clear support of the government’s tough stance on so-called ‘corona bonds’.

The motion, tabled by the populist, anti-EU Forum for Democracy party is not binding but will make it politically difficult, if not impossible, for the Netherlands to support Italy’s requests for eurobonds. It notes recent support of EU commissioners for the ‘corona bonds’ or ‘euro bonds’.

EU finance ministers failed to agree measures to support badly hit countries in overnight talks that ran into the early hours of Wednesday. Talks stumbled on topics including how to finance a recovery fund because that discussion involved the joint bond issue -- a red line for the Netherlands.

Reporting by Stephanie van den Berg