May 6, 2020 / 2:02 PM / a month ago

GRAPHIC-Tracking the lockdown: what is opening up around the world

    May 6 (Reuters) - National and local authorities around the world are beginning to
wind down restrictions imposed to slow the spread of the new coronavirus, gradually
lifting the lockdowns that have stunted economies, decimated jobs and thrown millions
into poverty.
    The following chart shows the status of social distancing measures in five important
areas: schools, shops, bars and restaurants, public transport and international travel.
Exceptions to the general rule are noted where significant.
    The chart focuses on the countries and U.S. states with the highest number of
infections, as well other territories whose economies are regionally important.
    Open this link in an external browser to see a graphic that will be updated as more
governments announce measures to reopen their economies, or if they go too far and have
to pull back:
 COUNTRY OR  SCHOOLS      BARS &         SHOPS          PUBLIC          FOREIGN
 TERRITORY                RESTAURANTS                   TRANSPORT       TRAVELLERS
 Mainland    PARTIAL      OPEN           OPEN           PARTIAL         PARTIAL
 China       Varies from                                Some routes     Some land borders
             region to                                  and stations    closed; majority
             region                                     are closed      of foreign
                                                                        nationals banned
                                                                        from entry by air
 India       CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     CLOSED          CLOSED
             Closed       Closed until                  Travel by air,  Closed until May
             until May    May 17                        rail, metro     17
             17                                         and             
                                                        movement by     
                                                        road closed     
                                                        until May 17    
 Japan       CLOSED       OPEN           OPEN           OPEN            CLOSED
                                                                        Foreign nationals
                                                                        from over 80
                                                                        countries banned
                                                                        from entry
 Pakistan    CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     CLOSED          PARTIAL
             Closed       Take out and                                  Border with
             until May    delivery only                                 Afghanistan open
             31                                                         thrice a week;
                                                                        flights only by
                                                                        national carrier
 Singapore   CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     OPEN            CLOSED
             Closed       Take out and                                  
             until June   delivery only                                 
 South       OPEN         OPEN           OPEN           OPEN            OPEN
 Korea                                                                  Mandatory
                                                                        two-week home
                                                                        quarantine for
 Nigeria     CLOSED       PARTIAL        PARTIAL        PARTIAL         CLOSED
                                                                        Essentials only
 South       CLOSED       PARTIAL        ESSENTIALS     PARTIAL         CLOSED
 Africa                                                                 Essentials only
 Denmark     PARTIAL      CLOSED         OPEN           OPEN            CLOSED
             Day care     Take out and   Most shops                     Most foreign
             centres and  delivery only  remained open                  nationals banned
             schools for                 except those                   from entry;
             children in                 in larger                      citizens and
             first to                    shopping                       foreigners
             fifth grade                 malls                          working in
             reopened on                                                Denmark can enter
             April 15                                                   or leave
 France      CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     PARTIAL         CLOSED
                          Take out and                  Limited         Only people who
                          delivery only                 capacity        have their
                                                                        primary residence
                                                                        in France can
                                                                        enter the
 Germany     PARTIAL      CLOSED         OPEN           PARTIAL         CLOSED
             In some      Take out and   Some states                    Travellers must
             states,      delivery only  only allow                     have an urgent
             classes                     shops that                     reason for travel
             resumed for                 are up to 800                  to enter or leave
             students                    square metres                  
             with                        in size to                     
             upcoming                    open                           
 Italy       CLOSED       CLOSED         PARTIAL        OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Take out and   Stores that                    Travellers from
                          delivery only  sell                           abroad must
                                         children's                     self-isolate for
                                         clothing,                      14 days and carry
                                         books and                      a form declaring
                                         stores and                     their reason for
                                         bookstores                     travel
                                         are open, as                   
                                         well as shops                  
                                         that sell                      
 Spain       CLOSED       CLOSED         PARTIAL        OPEN            CLOSED
                          Take out and   Small shops,                   Land borders are
                          delivery only  as well as                     closed to
                                         hairdressers                   travellers.
                                         and beauty                     Non-residents can
                                         salons, can                    only enter the
                                         serve a                        country in
                                         limited                        emergencies
                                         number of                      
                                         times for the                  
 United      CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     OPEN            OPEN
 Kingdom     Schools can  Take out and                                  
             remain open  delivery only                                 
             children of                                                
 Iran        CLOSED       PARTIAL        OPEN           OPEN            CLOSED
                          Some           Shops and                      Foreign nationals
                          restaurants    malls                          banned from
                          in low-risk    reopened from                  entry; trade
                          areas are      April 20                       border with
                          open                                          Turkmenistan
 Israel      CLOSED       CLOSED         PARTIAL        PARTIAL         CLOSED
                          Take out and   Shops with     Train lines     
                          delivery only  street access  suspended; bus  
                                         are open;      lines reduced   
                                         malls and                      
                                         remain closed                  
 Qatar       CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     CLOSED          CLOSED
                          Take out and                                  Government
                          delivery only                                 helping to
                                                                        arrange outbound
                                                                        flights for
                                                                        workers who lost
                                                                        jobs, furlouged,
                                                                        or have expiring
                                                                        residence permits
 Saudi       CLOSED       CLOSED         OPEN           CLOSED          CLOSED
 Arabia                   Take out and   Shops and      Uber and        
                          delivery only  malls          Careem allowed  
                                         reopened       to operate      
                                         under strict   from 9 a.m. to  
                                         social         5 p.m.; other   
                                         distancing     public          
                                         measures       transportation  
                                                        still halted    
 Turkey      CLOSED       CLOSED         OPEN           OPEN            CLOSED
                          Take out and   Restrictions   Restrictions    
                          delivery only  on hours,      on passengers   
                                         shoppers per   per vehicle     
 UAE         CLOSED       PARTIAL        PARTIAL        PARTIAL         CLOSED
                          Reopened in    Reopened in                    
                          Dubai and      Dubai, Abu                     
                          Sharjah        Dhabi and                      
                          emirates at    Sharjah                        
                          30% capacity   emirates with                  
 Brazil      CLOSED       PARTIAL        PARTIAL        OPEN            CLOSED
                          Varies from                                   
                          region to                                     
 Chile       CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     PARTIAL         CLOSED
                                                        Hours limited   Foreign nationals
                                                        by 10 p.m. to   banned from entry
                                                        5 a.m. curfew   
 Ecuador     CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     CLOSED          CLOSED
                                         Food shops     Interprovincia  Foreign nationals
                                         and markets    l,              banned from
                                         are open       inter-cantonal  entry; flights
                                                        and urban       for humanitarian
                                                        transport is    causes and
                                                        suspended       repatriation are
 Mexico      CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Take out and                  20% of Mexico   Restrictions on
                          delivery only                 City's metro    non-essential
                                                        stations have   travel across
                                                        been closed     U.S.-Mexico land
                                                        since April 23  border; air
                                                                        travel allowed
 Peru        CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     PARTIAL         CLOSED
                                                        Operating with  
 Canada      CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     OPEN            CLOSED
                          Take out and                                  U.S.-Canada
                          delivery only                                 border also
                                                                        closed except for
                                                                        services; only
                                                                        Montreal, Toronto
                                                                        and Vancouver
                                                                        flight arrivals
 California  CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Take out and   Many                           U.S. land borders
                          delivery only  retailers                      closed to
                                         will be                        non-essential
                                         allowed to                     travel; air
                                         reopen on May                  travel restricted
                                         8 with                         for most foreign
                                         restrictions                   nationals
                                                                        arriving from
                                                                        China, Europe and
 Florida     CLOSED       PARTIAL        PARTIAL        OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Restaurants    Non-essential                  U.S. land borders
                          open at 25%    stores closed                  closed to
                          of capacity,   in                             non-essential
                          except in      Miami-Dade,                    travel; air
                          Miami-Dade,    Broward and                    travel restricted
                          Broward and    Palm Beach                     for most foreign
                          Palm Beach     counties but                   nationals
                          counties       open                           arriving from
                          which only     elsewhere in                   China, Europe and
                          allow take     the state                      Iran
                          out and                                       
                          bars still                                    
 Georgia     CLOSED       OPEN           OPEN           OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Restaurants    Restrictions                   U.S. land borders
                          open with      on capacity                    closed to
                          restrictions                                  non-essential
                          on capacity;                                  travel; air
                          bars may                                      travel restricted
                          reopen on May                                 for most foreign
                          13                                            nationals
                                                                        arriving from
                                                                        China, Europe and
 Illinois    CLOSED       CLOSED         PARTIAL        OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Take out and   Garden                         U.S. land borders
                          delivery only  centres and                    closed to
                                         pet grooming                   non-essential
                                         services may                   travel; air
                                         reopen. Most                   travel restricted
                                         retailers                      for most foreign
                                         remain closed                  nationals
                                         but can offer                  arriving from
                                         curbside                       China, Europe and
                                         pickup                         Iran
 New York    CLOSED       CLOSED         ESSENTIALS     PARTIAL         PARTIAL
             Closed       Take out and   Closed until   New York City   U.S. land borders
             until at     delivery only  at least May   subway shuts    closed to
             least May                   15             for overnight   non-essential
             15                                         cleaning        travel; air
                                                        between 1 a.m.  travel restricted
                                                        and 5 a.m.      for most foreign
                                                                        arriving from
                                                                        China, Europe and
 Texas       CLOSED       PARTIAL        OPEN           OPEN            PARTIAL
                          Restaurant     Retail                         U.S. land borders
                          dine-in        capacity                       closed to
                          capacity       limited to                     non-essential
                          limited to     25% to 50%                     travel; air
                          25% to 50%;                                   travel restricted
                          bars remain                                   for most foreign
                          closed                                        nationals
                                                                        arriving from
                                                                        China, Europe and
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