STMicro agrees to cut production in French plants by up to 50% - union officials

PARIS, March 19 (Reuters) - Franco-Italian chipmaker STMicroelectronics has agreed to cut by up to 50% production in France as the company addresses workers’ concerns over the coronavirus outbreak, two French union officials said.

“We signed an agreement yesterday to implement a plan to reduce our activity,” said Jean-Pierre Kiledjian, the leader of the CFE-CGC union, in a phone interview.

“The goal is to reduce activity in order to reduce the number of people on production sites as much as possible,” he said, adding that production could be cut by up to 50% on French sites. The head of the CFDT union at STMicro confirmed the signing of the agreement by phone. CFE-CGC and CFDT represent more than half of STMicro’s workforce in France.

Reporting by Mathieu Rosemain, Editing by Dominique Vidalon