Ukrainian rock band reinvents concerts - vertically

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KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian rock band Green Grey says it has reinvented the concert hall so it can perform for fans while they are social distancing.

In a show on Sunday that organizers dubbed “the world’s first vertical concert”, the band played on the roof of a small building, while the audience watched from dozens of balconies, each taking up to 4 people, on the upper floors of a hotel directly opposite. With coronavirus still prevalent in Ukraine, the band was forced to look for creative ways of playing.

“It was absolutely wonderful as we understood that we cannot perform without our audience, without our fans. It is strange without them,” Green Grey co-founder and lead guitarist Diezel said after the concert.

“I personally tried to watch concerts of the bands I like, I watched streams and I did not like them. That is why we wanted to do something different,” vocalist Murik added.

Fans had to check in at the hotel reception to get keys for the rooms, which were closed for regular guests.

“We saw each of you, everyone who attended the concert, as if we were face to face. And I believe it is an absolutely new, cool feeling,” Diezel said.

Kiev’s Hotel Bratislava, which hosted the concert, was not a random choice. Back in 1993, Diezel had his hair styled in dreadlocks there.

A rooftop stage will remain in place for outdoor summer concerts by other musicians.

As tickets sold out within days, Grey Green saw scope for expansion. They plan to build stages in front of hotels in other Ukrainian cities.

Editing by Giles Elgood