FACTBOX-EU tries to catch-up after U.S., UK spend billions to secure coronavirus vaccines

 (Updates Pfizer deal with EU, Moderna-Japan, AstraZeneca deals with U.S., UK, EU; Adds Moderna-Qatar, Australia-Novavax, Argentina-RDIF and
Hungary-RDIF deals)
    Nov 12 (Reuters) - The European Union on Wednesday entered into a deal with Pfizer and BioNTech for the supply of up to 300 million doses
of their COVID-19 vaccine candidate, as it tries to catch up with the United States and United Kingdom to secure supplies of experimental
 COUNTRY/REGION  COMPANY                      DEAL TERM           NO OF DOSES                      DELIVERY DATE                STORY LINK
 U.S.            Moderna                      $1.53 bln           100 mln + option for additional  Unspecified                              
                                                                  400 mln                                                       
 U.S.            Pfizer         and BioNTech  $1.95 bln           100 mln + option for 500 mln     By October                               
 U.S.            AstraZeneca                  $1.2 bln            300 mln                          Expected to begin in October 2020                 
 U.S.            Novavax                      $1.6 bln            100 mln                          By January 2021                          
 U.S.            Johnson & Johnson            Over $1 bln         100 mln + 200 mln more under     Unspecified                              
                                                                  subsequent agreement                                          
 U.S.            Sanofi           and         $2.1 bln            100 mln + option for 500 mln     Unspecified                              
                 GlaxoSmithKline                                  more                                                          
 EU              AstraZeneca                  750 mln euros for   At least 300 mln + 100 mln       By end-2020                              
                                              300 mln doses       additional                                                    
 EU              Johnson & Johnson            Undisclosed         200 mln + 200 mln additional     Unspecified                              
 EU              Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline   324 mln euros       300 mln                          Unspecified                              
                                              ($384 mln)                                                                        
 EU              Moderna                      In talks            80 mln                           Unspecified                              
 EU              CureVac                      In talks            225 mln + option for 180 mln     Unspecified                              
 EU              BioNTech/ Pfizer             Not specified       Up to 300 mln                    End of 2020                              
 EU              ReiThera                     In early talks      Unspecified                      Unspecified                              
 Italy,          AstraZeneca                  750 mln euros       300 mln + 100 mln additional     Not applicable                           
 Germany, the                                 ($843 million)                                                                    
 Netherlands and France UK              Johnson & Johnson            Non-profit basis    30 mln + option for up to 22     Unspecified                              
                                              for emergency use;  mln more option to purchase additional doses                                                                  
 UK              Novavax                      Not specified       60 mln, and plan for a           By early 2021; phase 3                   
                                                                  late-stage trial in UK with      trial in Q3                  
                                                                  govt support                                                  
 UK              Valneva                      "Multi-million      60 mln + 40 mln additional       Not Applicable                           
                                              pound" investment                                                                 
 UK              Sanofi          ,            Financial terms     Up to 60 mln                     Not Applicable                           
                 GlaxoSmithKline              undisclosed                                                                       
 UK              Pfizer and BioNTech          Financial terms     30 mln                           Not Applicable                           
 UK              AstraZeneca                  84 million pounds   100 mln                          4 million in 2020. Earlier               
                                              ($110.40 million)                                    about 30 million doses were expected with initial deliveries by Sept/Oct. 2020                         
 Canada          Pfizer and BioNTech          Financial details   Unspecified                      Through 2021                             
 Canada          Moderna                      Unspecified         Unspecified                      Unspecified                              
 Canada          Johnson & Johnson            Unspecified         Up to 38 mln                     Unspecified                              
 Canada          AstraZeneca                  Unspecified         Up to 20 mln                     Unspecified                              
 Canada          Novavax                      Unspecified         Up to 76 mln                     Q2 of 2021                               
 Japan           Moderna                      Unspecified         50 mln doses, to be distributed  H1 of 2021                               
                                                                  by Takeda                                                     
 Japan           Pfizer and BioNTech          Financial details   120 mln                          H1 of 2021                               
 Japan           Johnson & Johnson            In talks            Not Applicable                   Not Applicable                           
 Japan           AstraZeneca                  Co-production with  120 mln                          First 30 mln expected by                 
                                              JCR Pharma                                           March 2021                   
                                                      , Daiichi Sankyo Biotech and KM Biologics                                                                      
 Japan           Novavax                      Co-production with  250 mln                          Production is yearly                     
                                              Takeda                                               estimate                     
 Europe, Latin   Arcturus Therapeutics        In talks            Not Applicable                   Not Applicable                           
 America and     Holdings Inc Southeast Asia Israel          Arcturus Therapeutics        $275 million        Initial 1 mln                    Not Applicable                           
 Israel          Moderna                      Financial terms     Not Applicable                   Not Applicable                           
 Indonesia       Sinovac Biotech              Financial terms     At least 40 mln                  By March 2021                            
 China           AstraZeneca                  Produced by         At least 200 mln                 By end 2021                              
                                              Shenzhen Kangtai Biological Products Thailand        AstraZeneca                  Undisclosed         Undisclosed                      Mid-year 2021                            
 Uzbekistan      Russia's sovereign fund,     Undisclosed         Up to 35 mln                     Unspecified                              
                 RDIF Egypt           RDIF                         Undisclosed         25 mln                           Unspecified                              
 India           RDIF                         Undisclosed         100 mln                          Late 2020                                
 Nepal           RDIF                         Undisclosed         25 mln                           Unspecified                              
 Brazil          Gamaleya Research Institute  Undisclosed         Brazil's Bahia state to get 50   To start in November                     
                 and RDIF                                         mln and will conduct Phase 3 clinical trials                                               
 Brazil          AstraZeneca                  $356 mln to buy,    100 mln                          December/January                         
                                              produce vaccine                                                                   
 Mexico          Gamaleya, RDIF               Financial terms     32 mln                           November 2020                            
 Mexico,         AstraZeneca                  To produce vaccine  150 mln + up to 250 mln more     First half of 2021                       
 Argentina                                    for most of Latin America                                                                           
 Qatar           Moderna                      Unspecified         Unspecified                      As soon as vaccine is approved and released        
 Australia       Novavax                      Unspecified         40 mln                           First half of 2021                       
 Argentina       RDIF                         Unspecified         10 mln                           Between December and January 2021                 
 Hungary         RDIF                         Unspecified         Unspecified                      To start importing small quantities in December 2020 for final testing and licensing                    

($1 = 0.8484 euros)

($1 = 0.7609 pounds)

 (Reporting by Vishwadha Chander, Mrinalika Roy, Manojna Madippatla, Trisha Roy and Manas Mishra in Bengaluru, Rocky Swift in Tokyo; Editing
by Sriraj Kalluvila, Shounak Dasgupta, Aditya Soni, Vinay Dwivedi and Ramakrishnan M.)