FACTBOX-The race for a coronavirus vaccine

 (Updates Johnson & Johnson; adds Cadila Healthcare Ltd, University of Queensland)
    July 17 (Reuters) - More than 100 vaccines are being developed and tested around the
world to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed hundreds of thousands and ravaged
the global economy.
    The following is a list of major drugmakers and research institutes that have started
or are planning to start human trials for their vaccine candidates.
    For a separate FACTBOX on treatments under development, click here:
 Date of  Company       Progress                             Development      Story link 
 last                                                        stage            
 July 16  Johnson &     In talks with Japan, Bill and        Early stage                  
          Johnson       Melinda Gates Foundation, and the    trials to start  
                        European Union for vaccine           as soon as July  
                        allocations, Reuters reported.       22, late-stage   
                                                             study planned    
                                                             for September.   
 June 14  AstraZeneca   Has signed deals to expand future    Mid-stage                    
          Plc           supply of the vaccine it licensed    studies.         
                        from University of Oxford.                            
 July 7   Novavax Inc   The U.S.  government has awarded     Early-stage                  
                        $1.6 billion to test and             testing.         
                        manufacture its experimental                          
 June 18  Sinopharm     The Chinese state-owned company is   Early-to-mid                 
                        developing two vaccines, one of      stage trials.    
                        which has shown promise in humans.                    
 July 13  BioNTech SE   The German drugmaker is working      Being tested in              
                        with Pfizer Inc         to make 100  early- to        
                        million doses of an experimental     mid-stage        
                        vaccine by the end of the year.      trials           
 July 14  Moderna Inc   Lonza          aims to speed         Plans to start               
                        completion of two commercial         late-stage       
                        production lines for Moderna's       trial on July    
                        trial COVID-19 vaccine.              27               
 June 29  CanSino       Early results showed the             Being tested in              
          Biologics     China-based company's vaccine is     a mid-stage      
                        safe. China's military has received  trial.           
                        the greenlight to use the vaccine.                    
 May 14   GlaxoSmithKl  Partnered with Sanofi SA             Early stage                  
          ine Plc       to develop a vaccine.                trials to begin  
                                                             in second half   
                                                             of 2020.         
 June 17  CureVac       The unlisted German biotech expects  Launched                     
                        data in September or October.        early-stage      
                                                             human trial.     
 June 30  Inovio        Vaccine candidate, found to be       Mid-stage                    
          Pharma        safe, induced immune responses in    testing.         
                        healthy volunteers in an early                        
                        stage study                                           
 July 6   Sinovac       The China-based vaccine maker has    Has begun                    
          Biotech Ltd   released positive preliminary        late-stage       
                        results from early-stage trials of   trials.          
                        its vaccine.                                          
 July 8   Clover        The Chinese developer received $66   Launched human               
          Biopharmaceu  million in investment from an        trials.          
          ticals        epidemic response group.                              
 June 15  Not           Scientists at Imperial College       Early-stage                  
          applicable    London are running trials of a       trials.          
                        potential coronavirus vaccine.                        
 June 21  Not           Researchers at Institute of Medical  Mid-stage                    
          applicable    Biology at Chinese Academy of        trials.          
                        Medical Sciences are testing a                        
                        coronavirus vaccine.                                  
 June 19  Genexine Inc  South Korea's Genexine has begun     Early-stage                  
                        human trials of its vaccine.         trials.          
 July 10  Chongqing     The Chinese company's unit Anhui     Mid-stage                    
          Zhifei        Zhifei Longcom Biopharmaceutical     trial.           
          Biological    has begun human trials.                               
          Products July 13  Not           The Gamaleya Research Institute in   Early-stage                  
          applicable    Russia has begun human trials of an  trials.          
                        experimental vaccine,  with results                   
                        expected in August.                                   
 June 29  Bharat        Vaccine approved for human trials    Early- to                    
          Biotech       in India.                            mid-stage        
                                                             trials to start  
                                                             in July.         
 June 24  Walvax        Trials sponsored by the China-based  Early-stage                  
          Biotechnolog  company, along with a Chinese        studies.         
          y Co          military research institute, have                     
          Medicago      The Canadian company is  studying a  Early-stage                  
 July 14                plant-based vaccine.                 trials.          
 July 17  Cadila        Plans to finish late-stage trials    Early-stage                  
          Healthcare    by early 2021.                       trials.          
          Ltd July 14  Not           University of Queensland began       Early-stage      (
          applicable    human trials in collaboration with   testing.         
                        Australian biotech company CSL                        
                                , according to a list                         
                        compiled by the World Health                          
 (Reporting by Vishwadha Chander and Manas Mishra in Bengaluru; Editing by Maju Samuel and
Sriraj Kalluvila)