Factbox: Roadmap to Canada's gradual reopening after coronavirus shutdown

TORONTO (Reuters) - Ontario Premier Doug Ford on Thursday announced key dates to ease restrictions on businesses, as Canada’s most populous province prepares to gradually reopen its economy after nearly two months of shutdown to prevent the spread of new coronavirus.

Canada has recorded than 5,000 deaths and 72,000 infections.. Here are the key dates announced by Canadian provinces.


Ontario, which is Canada’s economic engine, has outlined a three-stage reopening of its economy.

May 16 - Golf courses and marinas will reopen.

May 19 - The following services will resume:

* All construction to resume and essential workplace limits to be lifted. All retail stores with a dedicated street-front entrance, that are not operating in indoor malls, can open by ensuring physical distancing of 2 meters (6.56 ft) at all times.

* Vehicle dealerships and retailers.

* Media operations including film and television post-production, film and television animation studios.

* Scheduled surgeries, health services, including in-person counseling, psychotherapy among others.

* Recreational sports including tennis courts, rod and gun clubs, cycling tracks.

* Veterinary services and animal services such as pet grooming pet sitting services and dog walking services.

* Indoor and outdoor household services.


May 20 - Quebec, Canada’s largest province by area, will allow outdoor recreational sports activities carried out individually or in pairs, without physical contact and with limited or no access to sanitation facilities. These include whitewater and still water canoeing and kayaking, jogging, rock climbing, kite surfing, day fishing, paddle-boarding among others.

May 11 - Childcare services and elementary schools outside of Montreal reopened.

May 25 - Montreal area elementary schools and childcare services would restart.

May 25 - Manufacturing companies and retail stores in metropolitan Montreal with direct exterior access will resume operations. Secondary schools in Montreal will restart in September.


May 19 – The province will begin the transition from phase 1 to phase 2 of its plan to reopen society, meaning that elective surgeries could start back up, stores could begin to open, and religious services and health appointments could take place in person with proper social distancing requirements, with installation of physical barriers around checkouts. The ban on gatherings of more than 50 people remains in place.

June 1 – Provincial campgrounds will tentatively permit overnight camping.

June to September- If transmission rate stays low, hotels and parks will reopen.


May 14 – Retailers, hairstylists and barbers, daycares, farmers’ markets and places of worship can choose to reopen. Restaurants and bars can reopen for table service at 50% capacity. Gatherings of more than 15 people remain banned. A slower pace of reopenings will happen in Calgary and Brooks, two of the hardest-hit cities in Alberta, but retailers farmers’ markets, museums and daycares may reopen on May 14.

May 25 – Restaurants, cafes, salons and barber shops will reopen in Calgary and Brooks.

June 1 – Places of worship and children’s day camps can reopen in Calgary and Brooks.

Compiled by Moira Warburton, Denny Thomas; Editing by Alistair Bell