Cliff diving for the brave

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Right in the middle of the summer season in Czech Republic, divers show off their guts in a cliff-diving competition at the flooded quarry near the central Bohemian village of Hrimezdice.

This event has a 13 year history and is getting bigger every year. It was just a few courageous jumpers in the beginning, but now its a very popular cliff diving and music festival with thousands of visitors and more then 60 jumpers.

Anyone who is not afraid to jump into the water from 12, 16 or even 20 meters high can apply to this crazy competition, which includes all freestyle dives. The divers have the possibility to create as large a splash as possible and perform loops, somersaults, twists or just freaky movements right before the splashdown.

It is an extreme sport that can give you serious head injury, broken ribs, cuts and bruises, to say the least. However with a little bit of training you could experience the thrill of your life, they say!

Despite the fact that it is a dangerous sport and more then 40 amateur jumpers took part in the competition, no one got hurt. And for example, the youngest jumper was just 7 years old and the oldest one was 65.

Every year I can’t wait to go there and cover this assignment. I don’t mind that there is no internet connection in the area and that you have to walk a few kilometers away to file your pictures. And because it is a two-day festival I don’t even mind sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag with my equipment inside it.

Besides, it is a good opportunity to shoot interesting images, and you can definitely enjoy the combination of sunny weather, good Czech beer and beautiful Czech women wearing bikinis.