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Protesters arrested at Australian power plant

MELBOURNE, Sept 13 (Reuters) - An anti-climate change protest at an Australian coal-fired power plant ended with 22 arrests on Sunday, police said.

Hundreds of anti-climate change protesters descended on the Hazelwood Power Station near Melbourne, which burns brown coal, demanding that it should be shut down.

The plant has been dubbed one of the world’s dirtiest by anti-climate change activists.

A spokesman for Victorian state police told Reuters that 22 arrests were made, mostly for trespass but one for assaulting a police officer.

The Switch off Hazelwood protest had been planned for several weeks, but after listening to speeches, some protesters attempted to jump over the plant’s fences. It is the latest of a series of anti-climate change protests at Australian power plants.

Australia generates a large proportion of its electricity from coal and is a major coal exporter.

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