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Boy shoots classmate dead in Gurgaon school

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - A boy was shot dead at a school in Gurgaon during a fight with two classmates, police said, in a rare case of a deadly school shooting in India.

The victim, identified by local news channels as Abhishek Tyagi, was shot four times in a corridor of the Euro International School, senior police officer Sumit Kumar told NDTV news. The boy died on the way to hospital.

Two students from the same year had been detained in connection with the shooting, he said.

Reports said the boys were all aged about 15, and that the two detained may have taken turns with the gun.

“Probably once or twice they had a fight with each other,” Kumar told NDTV. “And so now they decided to settle the score and he got his father’s revolver and fired at him.”

School shootings are almost unheard of in India, although a college student in Hyderabad was shot and injured by a fellow student in April.

One news channel aired footage of the blood-stained corpse of the boy on a stretcher, partly covered by a white sheet.

Some reports said the victim was shot because he bullied some of his classmates. But Satveer Yadav, chairman of the school, told CNN-IBN news channel that he was unaware of any disputes.

“But even if there was, we couldn’t anticipate this,” he said.