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Russia successfully tests new ballistic missile

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia successfully tested its newest Bulava ballistic missile on Thursday, launching it from a nuclear submarine in the White Sea to hit a target in the Far East thousands of miles away, the navy said.

The Dmitry Donskoi heavy strategic submarine fired the missile from underwater from northwestern Russia, sending it to the Kura testing site on the Kamchatka peninsula in the Pacific.

“The parameters of the trajectory worked as planned,” the navy said in a statement. It gave no further detail, adding Navy Commander Vladimir Vysotsky “had thanked members of the state testing commission and noted the submarine crew’s high skills”.

The intercontinental Bulava missile is designed for Russia’s new Borei (Arctic Wind) class nuclear submarines. The first submarine of this class, Yuri Dolgoruky, was launched in February.

In the past years, tests of Bulava have been a mixture of failure and success. The Kremlin touts Bulava as a unique weapon able to pierce any air defence.