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Iran arrests members of exiled opposition group - TV

EDITORS' NOTE: Reuters and other foreign media are subject to Iranian restrictions on leaving the office to report, film or take pictures in Tehran A protestor holds stones during a march on a street in Tehran in this picture uploaded on Twitter on June 20, 2009. REUTERS/via Twitter

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran has arrested members of an exiled opposition group it accused of “terrorist activities” including setting buses on fire and destroying public property, state television said on Sunday.

The arrests of members of the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation (MKO) were announced after unrest across Tehran on Saturday as demonstrators protesting against the official results of Iran’s June 12 election clashed with riot police.

Police had deployed in force, firing teargas, using batons and water cannon to disperse groups of several hundred Iranians who had gathered across the capital on Saturday.

Sunday’s television report, which did not directly mention the election or the unrest, said the arrested MKO members entered Iran after receiving training in neighbouring Iraq. It said they were guided by the MKO’s “operation room” in Britain.

“Leaders of this group (MKO) had encouraged members to carry out terrorist activities such as setting buses and gas stations on fire and attacking Basijis (Islamic militiamen) and destroying public property,” state television said.

It did not say how many people were arrested or when.