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Iran holy city ups fine for unveiled women

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran’s second biggest city has massively increased the amount it fines for women who fail to observe the Islamic dress code and don’t cover their hair properly, media reported.

Morality police around Iran are beginning their annual spring crackdown on women wearing too much makeup, daring to show their hair or dressing in a way that shows their body contours too clearly.

In the holy city of Masshad, the public prosecutor has increased the fine to 1.3 million tomans, roughly $1,300 -- a hefty sum in a country where a teacher’s monthly salary is around $500.

“In the past the penalty for not observing the Islamic dress code was 50,000 tomans along with two months’ imprisonment,” Mashhad’s public and revolutionary prosecutor Mahmoud Zoghi told the semi-official Fars news agency.

Men are also targets of the spring crackdown as police can confiscate the cars of young males found sexually harassing or trying to pick up women.

In the capital Tehran over the past two days police have seized some 50 vehicles, lining them up in the street to serve as a warning to other men.

Writing by Robin Pomeroy; Editing by Samia Nakhoul