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China's Shanxi to face 5-6 GW power shortage by yr-end-paper

BEIJING, Nov 11 (Reuters) - Power shortages in northern China’s Shanxi province will increase to 5-6 gigawatts (GW), or 20-25 percent of total demand by the end of this year, the State Grid News reported on Thursday.

Power shortages totalled 2.9 GW as the maximum electricity load climbed to 17.2 GW on the back of economic growth and heating needs, the newspaper reported.

Some coal-fired power plants had shut down generators because they could not afford to buy coal, while others scaled down operations because of government requirements to cut power use to meet energy-saving goals.

The local power grid has issued an urgent notice to subsidiaries, asking them to prioritise power supplies to residential users, hospitals, schools and financial firms.

Shanxi is China’s largest coal producing province after Inner Mongolia. (Reporting by Jim Bai and Aizhu Chen; Editing by Chris Lewis)