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FACTBOX-EU planned carbon capture and storage projects

 LONDON, July 21 (Reuters) - The European Union has pledged to have 10-12
demonstration carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants in operation by 2015 and
the technology fully commercialised by 2020.
 CCS traps, transports and buries underground carbon dioxide, the main
greenhouse gas blamed for global warming.
 While it can cut carbon emissions from coal plants by 90 percent, no
commericial-scale project exists anywhere yet to demonstrate the technology,
partly because the up-front capital costs are high.
 Among functioning pilots are Swedish utility Vattenfall's VATN.UL 30
megawatt (MW) OxyFuel pilot plant in Schwarze Pumpe, Germany. ScottishPower
IBE.MC started up a 1 MW CCS test unit in May at its Longannet coal-fired
power plant. Doosan Babcock will open its 40 MW OxyFuel test facility on July 24
in Renfrew, near Glasgow.
 Britain will help fund up to four CCS trials and require new coal-powered
plants to fit the technology within five years of it being proved viable,
probably by 2020.
 Carbon dioxide can be captured before or after combustion using a range of
existing and emerging technologies.
 Following is a list of planned projects in Europe and slated operation
Centrica, Teeside,UK     Coal      850 MW        IGCC            Postponed
Dong Energy, Denmark     Coal      400 MW        Post-combustion 2015
Enel, Brindisi, Italy    Coal      660 MW        Retrofit        2012
Endesa, Leon, Spain      Coal      N.A.          OxyFuel         2015
E.ON, Killingholme, UK   Coal      450 MW        IGCC            Cancelled
E.ON, Kingsnorth, UK     Coal    1,600 MW        Post-combustion After 2014
Fortum, Finland          Coal      565 MW        Retrofit        2015
GE / Polish utility      Coal    1,000 MW        IGCC            N.A
Hypogen/ Dynamis, EU     Coal      N.A           Pre-combustion  2014-2016
Kaarstoe, Norway         Gas       384 MW        IGCC            Stalled
Mongstad, Norway         Gas       280 MW        Post-combustion 2014
Nuon, Eemshaven, Neth.   Various 1,200 MW        IGCC            2013
Powerfuel, UK            Coal      900 MW        IGCC            2013
Progressive Energy, UK   Coal      450 MW        IGCC            N.A.
RCI consortium, Neth.    Coal      N.A.          N.A.            2015
RWE, Germany             Coal      450 MW        IGCC            2014
RWE, Tilbury, UK         Coal      N.A.          Post-combustion 2016
RWE, Eemshaven, Neth.   Coal      160 MW        Retrofit        N.A
RWE, Blyth, UK           Coal      N.A.          Retrofit        2014
RWE, south Wales, UK     Coal      N.A.          Post-combustion 2010
ScottishPower, UK        Coal      N.A           Post-combustion 2014
Scottish & Southern, UK  Coal      800 MW        Retrofit        2014
Union Fenosa, Spain      Coal      N.A.          Post-combustion 2017
Vattenfall, Denmark      Coal      N.A.          Post-combustion 2013
Vattenfall, Germany      Coal      N.A.          OxyFuel         2015
 Sources include: IEA, CCSA, Reuters data
 (Reporting by Nina Chestney and Gerard Wynn; Editing by James Jukwey)