Oddly Enough

Court delays ruling on woman in penis-chopping case

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A Turkish woman accused of cutting off her lover’s penis must wait 18 months for a verdict and sentencing while a court determines whether his re-attached penis still functions, a court source said on Thursday.

The criminal court in the Black Sea town of Trabzon will wait for a medical report assessing whether the 28-year-old victim has regained full use of his organ or if he is permanently disabled, an official involved in the trial said.

“To determine which crime was committed, we first need the report,” the source said. “We’ll continue holding hearings in the trial from time to time until we receive the report.”

The 39-year-old defendant faces between one and three years in prison if her former lover recovers, Haber Turk newspaper said. She will be jailed for at least 8 years if he does not.

The woman told the court he had broken his promise to marry her and forced her into prostitution and beat her.

Surgeons worked for 11 hours to re-attach the penis in an operation which they described as successful, and said full sexual function should return within six months, Hurriyet said.

The defendant, who has not been jailed during the trial, told the court she cut off her former lover’s penis and threw it onto the roof of a neighbouring building while he was drunk, the newspaper quoted her as saying.

Reporting by Ayla Jean Yackley; Editing by Louise Ireland