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Timeline - How events unfolded in Bangkok

(Reuters) - Rioting and fires swept Bangkok on Wednesday after troops stormed a protest encampment, forcing protest leaders to surrender, but sparking clashes that killed at least four people and triggered unrest in northern Thailand.

Following is a timeline of events on Wednesday after weeks of protests:

0443 (10:43 p.m. British time, Tuesday) - Large numbers of troops and armoured vehicles gather in Bangkok’s business district near the entrance to a fortified encampment of anti-government protesters.

0454 - Anti-government protest leader tells supporters to be ready to fight.

0611 - Troops mass in Bangkok’s main business district and fire warning shots into the air ahead of a possible operation to evict anti-government protesters from their encampment.

0709 - Thai troops use tear gas to try to disperse demonstrators massed close to fortified entrance of an encampment held by anti-government protesters.

0748 - Thick black smoke billows from main protest site in central Bangkok as protesters start burning tyre barricades.

0811 - Adviser to prime minister says government is ready to talk to anti-government protesters if they call off their protest.

0812 - Two people shot in a gunfight near main protest site, as protesters fire back at troops.

0815 - Thai troops use an armoured vehicle to break through the main barricade into the camp of anti-government protesters.

0850 - Adviser to prime minister calls on “red shirt” protesters to surrender as troops pour through their barricade and gunfighting erupts.

0925 - Four people are wounded in clashes between “red shirt” protesters and troops.

0937 - Thai government says military operation to continue throughout the day.

1036 - At least two people are killed in fighting between “red shirt” protesters and troops.

1218 - One journalist, identified as an Italian, is believed killed, media reports.

1335 - Senior Thai “red shirt” protest leader offers to surrender after major military offensive to disperse protesters.

1338 - Three grenades explode close to main protest camp in Bangkok, badly wounding at least two soldiers and one Canadian journalist.

1343 - Four senior “red shirt” protest leaders seen in police custody on television after bloody military offensive to disperse protesters. Senior protest leader urges all supporters to go home, end protest.

1402 - Army says situation under control at protest site and halts military operation.

1502 - Second town hall in northeast is set ablaze.

1524 - Parts of Bangkok hit by power failure; Central World, Southeast Asia’s second biggest department store, on fire, says fire department.

1528 - First floor of Thai stock exchange on fire, says exchange president.

1608 - Prime minister imposes overnight curfew in Bangkok.

1622 - Central World fire brought under control.

1711 - TV stations ordered to broadcast only govt sanctioned programmes

1713 - Thursday and Friday declared national bank holidays, stock exchange to close

Compiled by Sugita Katyal