Oddly Enough

Court throws the book at Israeli shoe-thrower

Court security guards detain a man (C) at Israel's Supreme Court building in Jerusalem January 27, 2010. REUTERS/Ouria Tadmor

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A man who threw a shoe at Israel’s chief justice, knocking her off the bench, was sentenced on Wednesday to three years in jail.

“This kind of incident must never happen again and this punishment is a warning to others,” said Jerusalem magistrate Shimon Feinberg, sentencing Pini Cohen, 52, for the attack.

Shouting “you’re corrupt,” Cohen threw two shoes from the spectators’ gallery at Chief Justice Dorit Beinisch during a Supreme Court hearing in January.

One hit her between the eyes and she was knocked to the floor. She returned to the bench minutes later.

Cohen said he believed he had been treated unfairly by Israeli courts in divorce proceedings.

Writing by Jeffrey Heller; Editing by Andrew Dobbie