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New mirror system aims to cut cyclist deaths

LONDON (Reuters) - A new roadside mirror, designed to reduce accidents involving lorries and cyclists, is being installed in London as part of a major safety initiative, Mayor Boris Johnson said on Tuesday.

So-called Trixi mirrors give drivers of large vehicles better visibility of cyclists at junctions, and 39 of them will be positioned at traffic signals for a six-month trial period starting this month.

Although the number of cyclists killed on London’s roads has been falling over the past decade, a spate of recent accidents has shown the continuing danger of lorries crushing bikes as they turn left at traffic lights.

A poster campaign will also warn cyclists of the dangers of undertaking lorries at lights.

“The Trixi mirrors will improve the visibility of cyclists and our poster campaign will increase their awareness of the danger of being on the inside of heavy vehicles at junctions,” added Johnson.

Reporting by Deborah Cicurel; Editing by Steve Addison