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Roche's Avastin gives best lung cancer survival rate

ZURICH (Reuters) - Roche’s top-selling Avastin helps patients with the most common form of lung cancer live longer than any other treatment, the Swiss drugmaker said on Friday, giving the drug a boost after a slew of setbacks.

A late-stage trial showed first-line Avastin-based therapy in advanced non-small cell adenocarcinoma of the lung resulted in a median overall survival of 14.2 months -- a 3.9-month improvement over chemotherapy alone.

Blockbuster Avastin has had a grim time this year, falling at key hurdles in prostate and gastric cancer, and last month a U.S. panel called on officials to revoke its approval in advanced breast cancer.

Avastin, which is already approved for colon, lung, brain and kidney cancers, is tipped to become the world’s biggest selling drug in 2014.

Reporting by Katie Reid; Editing by Mike Nesbit