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Perchance to that wants you asleep

LONDON (Reuters) - Anyone nodding off during a play planned for next year in London need not fear an elbow in the ribs from their neighbour -- “Lullaby” is designed to send audiences to sleep.

Cast members recreate a scene from the play "Lullaby" in this publicity photograph released by the Duckie theatre company in London on October 6, 2010. The play coming out in London next year is designed to send audiences to sleep. Tickets will cost 42 pounds ($66) and will include space in a bed, a shower and breakfast the following morning. REUTERS/Duckie Theatre Company/Handout

Theatre company Duckie, which won an Olivier award in 2004 for “C’est Barbican,” will charge 42 pounds per person for a bed, a soothing performance, a wake-up call, shower and breakfast the following morning.

“I had a lovely sleep through the West End production of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ not so long ago,” said Duckie producer Simon Casson. “It happens to all of us.”

Audience members will be asked to arrive at the Barbican Pit theatre in central London at 10 p.m., get into their pyjamas and brush their teeth in time for the performance at 10:30 p.m.

“Theatre is often challenging and confrontational, but we’re not having any of that,” Casson told Reuters. “It’s going to be comforting and cosset you, like your mum or dad reading you stories at night when you were a child.”

He added that the price -- for an overnight stay in a prime London location after all -- was reasonable.

“I don’t know how much a Holiday Inn is ... but if you want to come for a night in the very heart of the city, then tell people they should come to us.”

An added bonus is the shower facilities.

“Just think. You could be bathing in the same shower as Ian McKellen once did, or some such.”

Lullaby will run from June 24 to July 24 next year.

Reporting by Mike Collett-White; Editing by Steve Addison