RWE to revise proposal for dropped UK nuclear sites

LONDON (Reuters) - German utility RWE will make a revised proposal for building nuclear plants at its UK sites in Cumbria as part of a second-round consultation after the government decided last month the sites were unsuitable.

RWE will respond to government criticism that the sites would not be able to house new nuclear plants by 2025 and that they were too close to a national park.

“We think we can develop nuclear plants by 2025 and it’s a difficult thing to say at this point what the impact is on the national park as no development work has been done there,” a spokesman for the utility said.

The government started a three-month consultation process on the decisions to drop RWE’s Kirksanton and Braystones sites from the list of potential locations for new nuclear power plants in mid-October.

“Although the initial view has been that whose two sites shouldn’t be on the list now, people are welcome to make representation to their country (...) It would have to be a pretty strong argument in favour,” said a spokesman for the government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

RWE together with German energy rival EON said it will construct six gigawatts of new nuclear capacity in Britain by 2025 and has picked two sites: at Wylfa in Wales and Oldbury-on-Severn in Gloucestershire.

The consortium will pick a reactor design for their new plants early next year.

Reporting by Karolin Schaps