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Greek police clash with students at British embassy

ATHENS (Reuters) - Greek police fired teargas on Thursday in clashes with protesting university students and at least three demonstrators were injured, Reuters witnesses said.

Over 1,000 students tried to break through a police cordon to march to the British embassy in Athens, in solidarity with British students who oppose plans to increase tuition fees, and against austerity and education reforms in Greece.

Protesters carried a banner reading, in English: “Solidarity to the struggle of British students.” The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government in Britain plans to almost triple tuition fees to up to 9,000 pounds a year.

Three protesters were detained during the clashes and were later released, a police official said.

More protest rallies are planned on December 6 to mark the anniversary of the police killing of a teen-ager, which triggered the country’s worst riot in decades in 2008, and on December 15 during a nationwide anti-austerity strike.

Reporting by Yannis Behrakis and Yiorgos Karahalis; Writing by Ingrid Melander; Editing by Janet Lawrence