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Did Lady Gaga Steal 'Judas'? Singer Sued for Copyright Infringement

Lady Gaga has been accused of borrowing perhaps a bit too much from Madonna and Bette Midler. But did she outright plagiarize her recent single “Judas”?

The “Poker Face” singer is being sued by Chicago-based musician Rebecca Francescatti, who claims that Gaga lifted “substantial original portions” of her song “Juda.”

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In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in the Northern District of Illinois, Francescatti claims that she recorded a version of her song during a 2005 session that was engineered by Brian Gaynor, a member of DJ White Shadow, which worked with Gaga on her album “Born This Way,” which contains “Judas.”

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Claiming that there’s “a substantial similarity between the two songs,” Francescatti is seeking unspecified damages, plus court costs and attorney’s fees.

Gaynor, as well as Gaga’s label, Interscope Records, and its parent company, Universal Music Group, are also named in the suit, along with DJ White Shadow.

Interscope had no comment for TheWrap. A representative for Lady Gaga did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Read the full lawsuit here.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report

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