'Catch me if you can' biker leads Texas police on merry chase

SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Reuters) - The fight is on between San Antonio police and a motorcycle rider who posted a video on Facebook that shows him zooming through interstate traffic at speeds up to 100 mph with a message: “Catch me if you can.”

The police, who are calling the biker a high-priority suspect, have posted clips on their own Facebook site showing him weaving in and out among cars on a busy San Antonio highway.

“When we catch him, he has a lot more to answer to, but we want to get him off the street,” said police spokesman, Sergeant Javier Salazar.

Salazar says police believe the cyclist, based on the Facebook page where the video was originally posted, is a man facing two felony warrants and a misdemeanor warrant for family violence.

The video, apparently taken by a helmet-mounted camera, shows the motorcyclist on Interstate 35, zipping close to oncoming cars and nearly side-swiping others.

In Texas, motorcycle riders must remain in the lanes of traffic and are not allowed to drive down the center stripe of the highway.

The posting on the police’s page has unleashed a flood of comments, including one that said “Run fool, run.”

Salazar said: “When you call negative attention to yourself, bad things happen.”

Writing by Jon Herskovitz; editing by Gunna Dickson