Amsterdam artists hold 'Nasty Woman' show to raise money for women's rights

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump and Dutch anti-Islam election candidate Geert Wilders are portrayed in headscarves worn by Muslim women in a protest exhibition in Amsterdam to raise money for women’s rights organizations.

Wilders, whose Party for Freedom is running a close second in polls ahead of the Netherlands’ March 15 election. He has pledged to ban the Koran and shut mosques.

The exhibition is part of the “Nasty Women” movement.

Some 45 Nasty Women Art Exhibitions have been organized around the world in response to Trump’s muttered description of his opponent Hillary Clinton as a “nasty woman”. Caught on microphone, the insult became a women’s rights rallying cry.

“We’ve got a Trump-like guy in the Netherlands, he’s called Wilders,” said Airco Caravan, one of the organizers. “We wanted to make an artistic movement to show solidarity with everybody.”

Like its New York predecessor, the Amsterdam show, which opens on Saturday, will sell works by woman artists, with the proceeds funding organizations that help women access safe birth control and abortion.

Among the works, is a pastel painting by artist Jet Nijkamp showing Trump and Wilders wearing headscarves.

Some proceeds will go to Women on Waves, a Dutch charity that helps women access abortion by mooring fully equipped clinics off the shores of countries where access is limited.

Another beneficiary is, an initiative of Dutch development minister Liliane Ploumen aimed at raising funds to replace the millions lost globally after Trump’s ban on financing foreign groups that provide abortions.

Reporting by Thomas Escritt; Editing by Alison Williams