Fact check: Woman who was inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 does not work for CNN or NPR

Posts circulating on social media make the claim that Jade Sacker, a woman who can be seen in a video inside the Capitol on Jan. 6, works for CNN. This is false. Sacker, who describes herself as a photojournalist, appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper after the riots, but she did so in the capacity of an eyewitness. CNN told Reuters that Sacker was not at the Capitol on behalf of the channel.

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Some iterations also make the claim that Sacker is an “NPR Contract Photo-Journalist”. A spokeswoman for NPR told Reuters that Sacker was hired for a freelance job on October 2020 and has since not worked with the organization.

A tweet featuring the claim and the video was retweeted over 38,300 times ( here ) . The 30-second video used in the tweet is visible within longer footage (exact moment at timestamp 16:59) published on the YouTube channel of John Sullivan, a self-described photographer who has since been arrested ( here ).


The false claim may have derived from Sacker and Sullivan’s appearance on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” on the night of Jan. 6 (see transcript here ). In the segment, Copper introduced Sacker as a “documentary filmmaker”, not as CNN staff or contractor.

Responding to posts with this claim, Matt Dornic, Head of Strategic Communications for CNN also confirmed on Twitter that “no one named Jade Sacker works for CNN” ( here ). Dornic told Reuters via email that not only was Sacker “not at the Capitol on our behalf,” she also “does not work for CNN in any capacity and has never been employed by our organization”.

Regarding her appearance on CNN, Dornic further clarified that she was featured as an eyewitness: “We conducted interviews with a variety of eyewitnesses. She was one.”


Some iterations ( here ) refer to Sacker as an “NPR-contract photojournalist”.

While Sacker has worked for NPR in the past (see photos here ), she was not on an NPR assignment during the events of Jan. 6.

Isabel Lara, NPR’s Executive Director of Media Relations told Reuters via email that the outlet “retained Jade Sacker in October of 2020 for a freelance photography assignment” and that “she has not performed any services for NPR since.” Lara added that Sacker “was not at the Capitol at our request or on our behalf.”


False. Jade Sacker does not work for CNN or NPR. On Jan. 6, she appeared alongside John Sullivan on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” as an eyewitness of the Capitol siege.

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