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Podcast: One reason the U.S. isn't winning the 'War on Terror'

In the 15 years since America first went to war in and Afghanistan, the Pentagon has reduced the number of troops on the ground and increased the number of unmanned robots picking off high value targets.

How many drones? No one knows. How many people have the robots felled? It depends on who you ask. Secrecy is the watchword of the American drone program and the Pentagon has long been cagey about releasing details.

Which doesn’t mean we don’t know anything. The administration is happy to sing the drone program’s praises after notable successes. A mid-August strike, for example, is thought to have killed Islamic State propaganda minister Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani.

This week on War College, we talk to Joe Trevithick about America’s drone program, its efficacy, its secrecy and how a new report on drone casualties from the Director of National Intelligence may not tell the whole story.

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Matthew Gault is the co-host of the War College podcast and a contributing editor at War Is Boring.

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