Fact Check-Claims that Fox News producer accidentally insulted viewers stem from satire account

Claims that a Fox News executive producer “accidentally” insulted their viewers “on a hot mic” originated on a satire account, although some users were duped into thinking they were legitimate.

A tweet (here) originally published by @HalfwayPost ( on Jan. 22, 2023 reads: “BREAKING: A Fox News executive producer accidentally said on a hot mic that disrespecting their viewers’ intelligence was the most profitable business decision they ever made.” Users have also shared screenshots of the tweet on Facebook (, (

The account shares satirical content and has the following written on its bio: “Dada news. Halfway true comedy by @DashMacIntyre. I don't report the facts, I improve them.” Reuters has previously debunked claims stemming from this account (here).

There is no evidence that a Fox News producer made such a statement. A Google search did not provide reliable results and no news outlets have reported on such an incident (

A Fox News spokesperson told Reuters by email the report is false.


Satire. Claims that a Fox News producer accidentally insulted their viewers stem from a satire account.

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