TAKE-A-LOOK-Currency stand-off ahead of G20

 Global currency strains are festering -- with Japan and South Korea the
latest to trade blows -- as financial markets factor in the prospect of the
Federal Reserve cranking up the dollar printing presses to try to revive the
faltering U.S. economic recovery.
 Economic imbalances, the falling dollar and pressure on emerging market
currencies to rise, dominated the IMF meeting last weekend and are set to also
dominate a meetings in South Korea of G20 financial leaders from Oct. 22 and
national leaders from Nov. 11.
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> Singapore move hits dollar, India intervenes            [ID:nTOE69D01M]
> India cbank buys dlrs, likely year's first -traders     [ID:nSGE69D0EX]
> Currency war risk threatens investment recovery -UN     [ID:nLDE69D0Y3]
> Dollar pummelled after Singapore widens FX band         [ID:nLDE69D10C]
> S.Korea complains to Japan over FX - media              [ID:nTOE69C08B]
> U.S. Senate poised to act on yuan - lawmaker            [ID:nN13269803]
> S.Korea holds rates, says FX risk to economy     [ID:nTOE69D022]
> EU's Rehn calls for firming of undervalued currencies   [ID:nLDE69D0K7]
> ECB's Noyer urges progress on forex, structural chamg   [ID:nLDE69D0EH]
> S.Africa's Gordhan warns of world "currency war"        ID:[nJAT006994]
> China FX reserves surge $194 billion in Q3              [ID:nBJB003966]
> Fed says easier policy may be needed "before long"      [ID:nN12188145]
> US' Geithner sees "no risk" of currency war             [ID:nN12218440]
> China trying to avoid currency war - G20 negotiator     [ID:nTOE69C03D]
> Japan questions S.Korea G20 leadership over FX          [ID:nLDE69C0AU]

> Thailand sets bond tax to curb inflows, tame baht       [ID:nSGE69B0A6]
> China says currency reform doesn't mean stronger yuan   [ID:nTOE69B030]
> China raises big banks' required reserves               [ID:nTOE69A03Y]
> S.Korea Lee warns of big trouble if FX accord fails     [ID:nTOE69A02K]
> ECB warns of disruptive FX moves, holds policy          [ID:nLDE6950HJ]
> Markets must be allowed to drive currencies -U.S.       [ID:nN06208024]
> Brazil doubles tax on bond buys to curb real            [ID:nN04132890]
> EU urges faster yuan rise; China demurs                 [ID:nLDE6940OW]
> Japan intervenes to weaken yen; more to come            [ID:nTOE68E02W]

> What happened at the IMF meetings last weekend          [ID:nN10287368]
> IMF told to toughen scrutiny of rich powers             [ID:nN09263971]
> Japan escapes G7, G20 criticism on yen intervention     [ID:nTOE69900W]
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> IMF forecasts for GDP in 2010, 2011                     [ID:nWAL5LE6MD]

> Steps countries are taking to counter hot money         [ID:nSGE69503F]
> Thailand's measures to hold down the baht               [ID:nSGE6970DX]
> Emerging Asia looks to control hot money                [ID:nSGE6950DG]
> How will new IMF surveillance work?                     [ID:nN10284231]
> Currency tensions a side-show in Fed thinking           [ID:nN13209803]
> IPO flows may force Indian cbank to intervene in FX     [ID:nSGE69A09L]
> Risk rises in Asia that FX controls will spread         [ID:nSGE69C02Y]
> Japan may fan global resource hunt with FX reserves     [ID:nLDE69B1AD]
> China reserve ratio hike is mild and defensive          [ID:nTOE69A044]
> Can IMF teach emerging market lessons to rich world?    [ID:nN10282369]
> The return of "great power politics"                    [ID:nLDE6962DQ]
> G20 proximity talks needed to avert FX war              [ID:nLDE69321O]
> Sarkozy gambles on China in G20 forex drive             [ID:nLDE6920HS]
> Euro back in favor as focus turns to Fed                [ID:nN28173229]
> FX COLUMN-Euro may gain altitude as dollar cruises      [ID:nLDE69D13B]
> Who's winning the currency wars?                        [ID:nLDE69A0JE]
> China imports may give yuan question new twist          [ID:nLDE69A0ZG]
> Who's winning the currency wars?                        [ID:nLDE69A0JE]
> Currency detente looking dim before G20                 [ID:nSGE69A056]
> Plaza Accord 2.0 could worsen China's imbalances        [ID:nLDE6960PB]
> China must budge to avert currency war for real         [ID:nLDE6951IJ]
> China runs circles round adversaries: James Saft        [ID:nN04139677]
> Graphic showing trade weighted currencies:
> Currency tensions rise - interactive map: