TAKE-A-LOOK-Goldman Sachs faces fraud charges

 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission accused Goldman Sachs Group of
fraud in the structuring and marketing of a debt product tied to subprime
mortgages. Following is a collection of related Reuters stories.
> Goldman trader takes time off; reform momentum grows         [ID:nN19193616]
> Obama, Senate Democrats forge ahead on financial reform      [ID:nN19202230]
> SEC may have hard time finding others suits like Goldman     [ID:nN19213208]
> Goldman says Tourre has taken "a bit of time off"            [ID:nLDE63I295]
> Wall Street falls; Goldman worries weigh                     [ID:nN19209500]
> Goldman fraud case hits world stocks                         [ID:nLDE63I0D4]
> Rep. Frank says Goldman case helps financial reform            [ID:nWEN2887]
> Goldman knew for months charges were possible                [ID:nN16111500]
> Goldman brand to be biggest casualty of suit-analysts        [ID:nSGE63F0JT]
> Synthetic CDOs needed two to tango                           [ID:nN19214934]
> U.S. financial reform still a matter of faith                [ID:nN19198251]
> Goldman lesson: keep finance tied to investment              [ID:nN19214581]
> Goldman toil, Chinese bubble, double trouble?                [ID:nLDE63I1L8]
> Goldman's CDO investors: Fools or victims?                   [ID:nLDE63I0G9]
> CDO backlash a worry for all investment banks                [ID:nLDE63I0MW]
> SEC finally lights fire under Goldman smoke                  [ID:nLDE63F1X7]
> SEC tries to ride Goldman back to credibility                [ID:nLDE63F1M2]
> Paulson's "greatest trade" may lose its luster               [ID:nLDE63F1ZH]
> Europeans won't be amused by alleged Goldman scam            [ID:nLDE63F1ZL]
> EU regulators mull Goldman fraud charge fallout              [ID:nLDE63I1RF]
> Goldman case has no link to France yet - AMF                   [ID:nWEB0477]
> In Asia, Goldman clients stay loyal for now                  [ID:nTOE63I04X]
> Goldman's CDS costs jump - Phoenix                           [ID:nN19134765]
> For Goldman, how bad could this get?                         [ID:nN17132091]
> Goldman may face backlash for staying silent on probe        [ID:nN19249020]
> Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg                     [ID:nN17137434]
> Goldman charges give lift to Lincoln U.S. swaps bill         [ID:nN16147491]
> U.S. SEC's new claws send shivers through Wall Street        [ID:nN16166684]
> Comments on derivatives bill, SEC suit against Goldman       [ID:nN16128682]
> How Goldman's ABACUS deal worked, according to SEC complaint [ID:nN16122333]
> Goldman Charges Raise More Issues, Says Paulson Book author
> Goldman's Chart Shows Little Impact From Stock Hit
> Salmon Says Goldman Allegations Make Them Look 'Sleazy'
> Bove Sees No Long-Term Goldman Harm From SEC Charges
> SEC teleconference on Goldman Sachs
> Goldman Sachs and Abacus
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